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First Steps for Frugal February

I just wanted to start by saying it’s ok to make small changes, you don’t need to completey overhaul the way you live life. Making a small change is better than no change, right?

It’s better to set realistic goals and achieving them than setting yourself up for failure. Are you going to be able to save $20,000 in February? Not likely. But attempting to save $50 on groceries each week is achievable.

Frugal February is exactly as it sounds though. It’s a month of living on bare essentials. No eating out. No new clothes. Packing lunches and coffees from home every day. Finding the best ways to save your money!

The first step we took, and the first step you should is to have an honest look in to your spending. I hated doing this with Brad because every time Kmart came up I actually couldn’t tell him what I’d bought because I couldn’t remember. Shopping was my friend, it made me feel better. It gave me something to do! 🤦🏻‍♀️

So here we go!

Step one - Print out your most recent bank statements (3 months worth).

I’m talking the accounts that you use for every day life. Then go through and add up where your money goes.

Categorize it in to what ever headings you want but as an example you could use -

Groceries Eating / drinking out / take away Bills Shopping (clothes,toys,presents) School Doctors / medicine Mortgage / rent Insurance Savings Bank fees Interest charge (credit card)

Make sure you show your partner. Add up every last cent. Give everyone a chance to be accountable. I’m already cringing at having to talk to Brad about how much I spent at Cotton On in the January sales. 😳

Step two - If you haven’t already, I would suggest to make some time this weekend to take a peek in your pantry and freezer to see what’s lurking in there. I bet most of us would be able to eat from our pantry and freezer for a week with minimal groceries.

That’s it! Try and knock these two things out this weekend. That’s the best way to start frugal February because knowing exactly where every dollar you earn is being spent will, for most of us, be a huge wake up call.

Keep an eye out on Instagram for some more templates I’m going to be sharing to help us all with keeping accountable!

Happy Saturday!

Laura xx

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