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Fun Home Activities

A while ago I typed up ideas surrounding Family Funday Sunday but for the most part they are activities outside of the house. With the kids home today we put our thinking caps on and they told me the things they like to do when we are home.

So keep in mind, this list is written by children, not by an adult. These are the actual things they want to do and more so the things they want YOU to do with them.

An expansion on some of the activities

Scavenger hunt - write a list of common household objects and get the kids to try and find them. First one to bring the most back to you wins.

Memory game using toys - Set five toys down in front of everyone and have them concentrate on what is there. Get them to shut their eyes and remove one of the toys. When they open their eyes ask them to write down what is missing. For smaller kids just get them to tell you what is missing. After a few rounds add another couple of toys in to the mix until they cant guess correctly anymore. You can take away and add how ever many toys you want.

The floor is lava - Pretty sure your kids will be able to explain this to you. We do it like musical chairs. We dance around the house and who ever is in charge needs to yell "The floor is Lava in THREE, TWO, ONE". The last one off the floor gets stuck in the lava. Alternatively you can be in the middle of ANY game and shout the same thing and everyone has to the count of three to get off the floor.

Treasure hunt using clues - This is our go to rainy day game. Keeps them entertained for ages. Get a piece of paper and draw a rough map of your house. Hide something in the house and put an X in the room that its hidden. Rip the map in to segments and hide each piece in a different spot. To get the pieces of the map they need to solve a riddle pointing them in the direction of where the next piece of the map is. An example - hide a piece of the map in the fridge and your riddle can be - I'm sitting in something that keeps your food cold. Once they've solved all the riddles they put the map together and can locate the treat!

Animal bingo - Write a list of animals for the kids to try and find outside. Be sure to add different animals on everyones page. They mark off the animals as you're outside and the first to mark off all animals wins. Can also incorporate trees, colours, flowers etc.

Finding objects in the clouds - This is my favourite because you get to lay down. I like to play this one before dinner time because it gives everyone a chance to slow down. Pretty simple to play, watch the clouds and ask them what they see.

Gardening - My kids love to compete about EVERYTHING so we started a game of gardening. First to pull out 20 weeds wins, or first to fill their container. Can be anything outside. First to clean their toys up, first to clean the table etc.

Toy "car wash" - Obviously meant for a sunny day and no, its not just for cars. Anything that needs a good clean can have its turn. I used to do this with my barbies when I was little. Get a small tub of water and add some detergent. Grab a sponge or a cloth and get everyone to wash their toys. Helps keep things clean and the kids love doing it.

DIY Klop - We have a wooden toy game called KLOP. It is kind of like bowling but you add the points on the wooden stumps. Adults need a higher score but for the kids we adjust it so they only need to knock down certain numbers. Helps them with addition too.

So there you have it, a list for kids, made by kids. Let me know if there are any games that I should try with my kids!

Thanks for reading.

Laura xx

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