• Laura Bentley

Pad See Ew

Easily my most favourite dish, and now it can be yours!

I love the caramelised noodles, I love the fresh greens, I love the egg!

My tips

- Leave the noodles cooking in the wok for long enough to really make them sticky, char grilled even.

- Use what ever asian greens you can find. If broccolini is too expensive use broccoli, if pak choy isn't readily available look towards baby spinach or kale.

- I like a lot of egg in mine so I normally added an extra 2. Experiment with how you like it in the dish. I have added it in at the end before so that it sticks to the noodles.

- If you are an extra saucy person I would suggest adding some chilli in it too.

- Use any protein you like. It is also amazingly good with fried tofu.

- Traditionally this dish uses fresh wide rice noodles but I could not find them anywhere so switched them out for the pad thai rice noodles.

- If you don't have fresh lemon you can use bottled lemon. Probably doesn't taste as nice but still gives you that acidic kick. Lime would do the job too.


Laura xx

ps - right click the recipe below to save to your computer so you can print.

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